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Kennel Ermintrude from 1977  was settled as my first litter came.
 Since then we have had about 15 litters.


Interview in Avisa Nordland  11.12.06  in pdf-format -- click the photo-- (only in norwegian)

(Published at internet with permission from Avisa Nordland and the journalist Gull H. Pedersen.)

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Yhen-Tai's Mara as a puppy (5 mnd) in 2000


N S uch Ermintrude Karma

Ermintrude Frida  in 1991
Nuch Ermintrude MY (1991)
N S uch Ermintrude Mia Maria born 1987  (she became 18 years old)
N S uch Charbil Taj Ma Hal (import from USA) came to me in 1980

My first litter born in 1977

Ermintrude Alexander - born jan 1977
Ane Cecilie (5 year) with Bi-Kila in 1975
Ermintrude Alexander - born jan 1977 (Nord.Int.Ch --- First norwegian born Lhasa Apso with this title)
Int.Nord.ch Ermintrude Harries Tweed (1983)  Lived in Mosambique
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